27 July 2009

signing off, for now

Gentle readers,

When I started this blog, you may recall, I wasn't sure if my life in the UK would be interesting enough to support a regular blogging habit. Eleven months and 47,000 words later, I'm happy that this worry was unfounded. Some thanks are due for the non-boringness of my year. In particular I'd like to thank the University of Cambridge with its endless oddities; Ryanair and easyJet with their cheap European air travel; and my former employer (frequent flier miles), the U.S. Treasury (2008 tax refund), and my favorite Peace Corps volunteer for facilitating my Cameroon trip.

But now, as I turn my sights to the Garden State, I feel a change in the air. While I always reserve the right to change my mind, I'm not planning on keeping up a regular blog at Princeton. I like the idea of keeping this site as a sporadic travel blog, as I did with my Israel trip-- though I may be grounded for quite some time. (I realized, as I deplaned at Logan, that for the first time since college I don't know when my next flight will be.) There's also the possibility that I will be somewhere very interesting next summer, as my MPA program at Princeton requires all of us to complete a summer internship. Those who followed my Philippines blog may recall a certain Congressman's daughter; she just graduated from the program I will soon start, and last summer she did her internship in Sudan. I can't say that blog-worthiness will be a major factor in my internship search process, but if I do end up someplace sexy, you will certainly hear lots about it.

So I will sign off, for now, and say thanks to all of my readers and commenters for making all of this writing worthwhile. And in the unlikely event that this leaves a blog-shaped hole in your heart, let me know- I have a few others I can recommend!


Jessica said...

no shawn i need all the procrastination media i can get in these dark thesis-writing times!

Dong said...

Oh well, I think for most of the people at Dev Studies, the Garden State would constitute as an exotic destination....anyhow, my best wishes~