22 August 2008


After a 2-year hiatus, I'm trying the blogging thing again. One confession up front: I don't know if my Cambridge life is really going to be interesting enough to merit a blog. I'm imagining future posts going something like this: "Went to class. Read in the library. Had a cream tea." So in addition to the usual travel-writing fare, you may also get to read my bloviations about politics, poverty, and other things that I care about. You've been warned.

For the next couple weeks, however, I am doing something pretty interesting (and international, since it involves Canada). I'm driving from Anchorage, my home for the last two years, to Danvers, Mass., my home for the first eighteen. Joining me on this 4,500-mile adventure will be two good friends who don't know each other yet, and some of the expected highlights of our trip include the Alaska Highway, Banff, the Badlands, and Chicago.

So stay tuned for stories and musings from the road, and later from England and wherever else I manage to visit on the other side of the Atlantic. I'm really grateful for everyone who read my blog the first time, and I hope this one will be worth your while.


.daniel. said...

hey shawny boy. safe travels to you and yours. miss you, bud.

Anonymous said...

I love that Dido's new album is called Safe Trip Home. ")

Call and check in and let me know you haven't killed Sam with your 100 top reasons Carl Rove rocks song. LOL ;)

Love, ~Stasia