24 May 2009

proof i was in cameroon!

I'm happy to report that the photographic record of my trip to Cameroon wasn't completely lost in the mugging on that last night in Douala. As I mentioned, Kate didn't really take any pictures (with the exception of a couple post-mugging shots at our guesthouse), but Lisa, a Peace Corps volunteer and one of our Mt. Cameroon hiking companions, did get some group pictures during our trek. I shamelessly copied them from Facebook, so here you go: rare, long-lost photographic evidence of my time in Africa:

Me, Kate, Elyse, and Lisa, pre-climb in the town of Buea. Mt. Cameroon, half covered in clouds, is behind us.

Day 1, partway up, post-rainstorm. Buea is visible in the background, and on a clear day you could see Douala in the distance off the top-left corner of the picture. We did see the city lights from our first cabin.

The team at 4,095 meters! Kate had originally wanted to perform one of her signature cartweels to celebrate at the top, but the small space at the summit, preciptious drops on all sides, high winds, and stupefying lack of oxygen recommended otherwise.

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